Membership includes:

- Membership for 12 months with HCP evidence on SKGA server (Slovak Golf Association). The cost includes SKGA entry fee.

Free play 1x18 holes/ day on combination of 9 holes courses SAND, PINE and PUBLIC.

- On top of the standard reciprocity, member can play free-of-charge on selected partner golf courses, as part of Black & White exclusive reciprocity. Daily capacity is set by the agreement.

20% discount on green fee at courses of Black & White Golf Resort.

Free entry on driving range and practise facilities of both resorts.

- Driving Range token for discounted price €2 (33% discount).

- Reciprocity discounts in our partner clubs (updated throughout the year).

- Member has an opportunity to obtain an exclusive credit card DINERS CLUB GOLF worth 159€  for free of charge in the 1st year and for 99€ in the following years. Part of Diners Club Golf is the VIP CARD, which provides 20% discount on selected green fees and 10-50% discount on selected accommodations across Europe.


Membership Price:

€ 922

Children up to 10 years old: FREE

Children and youth 11 - 21 years old: 46% discount (= €500)

Seniors over 60 years old: € 850