The first moments at golf are very important. Correct way of holding the club, posture, swing... If we do not pay attention to the little details if these things at the beginning, these details would grow into bigger mistakes which might become very difficult to get rid of.

In our golf academy, we pay close attention to every detail of your play which affects your game. Thanks to years of experience of our PRO trainer, Augustín Hauskrecht, we will ensure your quick transition from a complete beginner into an intermediate golfer in just a few sessions.

Choose the program from our selection that suits you the best - an hour long session or a complete package, we guarantee to improve your game quickly and effectively!





If you're looking for the suitable company event or teambuilding, golf at Black & White should be the right choice.

Become one of many firms that have visited our resort with their teams. Your employees will not only  enter the beautiful golf courses but will have the opportunity to learn golf basics and try the game of golf in a beautiful scenery.

If this might be what you are looking for, do not hesitate contacting us for more information.