Dear footgolf fans & golf friends,

all the work at our footgolf course is finished, thus do not hesitate to be among the first ones to play this sport in Slovakia!

The footholf course is now officially open at Public course in White Eurovalley Golf Resort in Malacky.


FootGolf Fee

€20 / adults

€15 / children before 16y.

FootBall Rent



/There are 10 footballs available to rent at reception. In case of losing or damaging the ball - fee €30. You could bring your own football - size 5./



The origin of footgolf is not clear, as it was originating simultaneously in different places. However, the official sport of footgolf was created in Netherlands, where the first rules were created.

In 2009, the International Footgolf Association was created, following the International Footgolf Federation in 2012, which monitors footgolf all around the world.

The Slovak Footgolf Association was established on 21.02.2014.

In summer 2014, Black & White Golf Resort Bratislava has decided to support the Slovak Footgolf Association by providing a golf course for a new 18-hole footgolf course in one of our resorts - White Eurovalley Golf Resort in Malacky. We have chosen course Public, which makes a perfect footgolf course thanks to its long fairways.

The 1. footgolf course in Slovakia is available to play from September 2014.